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Compendium of Cancer Genome Aberrations (CCGA)

The CGC is in the final phases of developing the Compendium of Cancer Genome Aberrations (CCGA), a collaborative a multi-institutional project to document and describe genomic aberrations in cancer as resource for day-to-day use in clinical reporting. The CCGA is a wiki database designed to host up-to-date and integrative molecular genetics and cytogenetic features of specific cancers, highlighting actionable and diagnostically-important features.

**The CCGA is currently in the developmental phase and will be officially launched in 2020.

The CGC is pleased to announce the acquisition of CAGdb as a resource for sharing constitutional microarray findings within member institutions.

CAGdb is a microarray database designed to facilitate the ease of which laboratories share constitutional microarray data and the associated interpretation in a de-identified fashion. CNV details, interpretation comments, parental and other follow-up data, and clinical features (all fully stripped of patient identifiers) are collected and shared for each case in this site. This database provides a useful laboratory tool to track experience with in-house microarray cases, network with colleagues, and to share experience with rare findings. Additionally, this resource is meant to facilitate submission to other larger-scale data collections in order to aid in syndrome discovery efforts and make information on rare cases more broadly available. Participating laboratories are encouraged to submit data to NCBI’s ClinVar project through ISCA data collection. With laboratory permission, all cases, or any subset of selected cases, in the CAGdb will be reformatted and submitted to NCBI on that laboratory’s behalf.

Tumor-Specific Gene Lists

Online access to Tumor-Specific Gene Lists are included with CGC membership. CGC members can visit the Archives under the Resource tab in the Member Area for access.