Educating for Best Practices in Clinical Cancer Genetics

The Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC) was formed in August 2009 by a group of clinical cytogeneticists, molecular geneticists,
and molecular pathologists, who are interested in education and promoting best practices in clinical cancer genomics.

       Access the CGC 2023 Annual Meeting Virtual Platform is no longer available.

CGC 2023 Annual Meeting presentations are available to CGC members on the Past Meetings page, which is a members only portion of the website.    

The CCGA is a global collaborative effort to describe clinical context-based knowledge for gene- and chromosome-level abnormalities observed in cancer, featuring:

  • Publicly available online resource
  • Includes data visualizations and connections to other germane genetic resources
  • Provides genetic evidence correlated to diseases in the WHO Classification of Tumours (WCT) books
  • Wiki-based platform, supporting immediate updating of genetic evidence by expert volunteers to parallel the rapidly evolving literature
  • Direct links to CCGA pages are being added to the online version of the WCT